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High quality animal feed

Nutrition plays an important role in the health of a pet. It is, of course, essential that animal feed contains the right nutrients and is of the best quality.
Smuldier offers the solution to all pet owners! From full meals to gluten-free supplementary products to offer your dog or cat the appropriate diet.

No artificial odour, colour or flavour

To enrich the meal of dogs or cats, Smuldier places healthy, fresh and tasty meals on the market. The animal feed does not contain any artificial odour, colour or flavours.

With Smuldier, Queens Products offers the following product line:

  • Smuldier Heart
  • Smuldier Chicken
  • Smuldier Tripe
  • Smuldier Tripe/ Beef Complete
  • Smuldier Beef
  • Smuldier Beef Complete
  • Smuldier Heart 500gr
  • Smuldier Lambs Heart 500gr


Smuldier guarantees safe, natural products. We use the latest technological developments and production methods.
In addition, we work according to the highest international standards: our quality system is infallible.


If you have questions or comments about Smuldier products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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