Enjoy worldwide…

…with Queens Products

With exports worth €82 billion, the Netherlands is the second food exporter in the world. A small country with a large export market.
Queens Products also thinks beyond our national borders. Products of Queens Products are now sold on five continents.
Thanks to a flexible organisation, purposeful logistics and service provision, we, as an international supplier of high quality fresh frozen foods, can make the difference.

Laws & Regulations

Every country has its own laws and regulations. The laws and regulations of the countries within, but also outside the EU vary greatly.
Our extensive expertise allowed us to grow internationally into an important player.
Firm roots in food processing provide us with the knowledge and experience we still use every day.

We attach great importance to professional coordination within the chain.
Thanks to years of cooperation with a wide network of manufacturers and customers,
we offer our customers the best of the best at a fair price every day, in the desired amount and shape.