Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility…

…is a matter of course for us!

Sustainable partnerships

Sustainable and open relationships with our international suppliers and customers are the basis of our business operations.
That is why we work together with our partners in the production chain to realise safe, healthy and responsible food and feed products for both human and animal consumption.

Quality mark

An MSC and ASC certificate guarantees sustainable fisheries and responsible cultivation. An important and self-evident principle for Queens Fish’s products.
One of our major achievements? Queens Products was the first in the world with an ASC certified product.

Care for the environment

Quality also means environmental care. We continuously invest in efficient and durable equipment and facilities.
We try to reduce and minimise the impact of our business activities on the natural environment at all times.

Good working conditions

Sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship also means taking each other’s interests to heart.
At Queens Products, we work together on positive working conditions that do not put any additional load on nature.
Safe workplaces and good working conditions also contribute to this goal.