Where do we come from?

The rich history of Queens Products

In 1892, the foundation was laid for the Koen Visser Group, the parent company of Queens Products.
The name ‘Koen Visser Group’ is linked to the Koen Visser family company, which made a name for itself with canned oriental meals.

Suzi Wan & Koen Visser

The brands ‘Suzi Wan’ and ‘Koen Visser’ were successfully placed on the European market. In the eighties of the last century,
the preserved food branch was sold to the American Masterfood and the Koen Visser Group specialised in the ‘entrepreneurs behind entrepreneurs’ principle.

1994: Queens Products

The Helmink Group in Varsseveld is part of the Koen Visser Group. In 1994, Queens Products B.V. originated from this company.
Queens Products has been enriching the eating experience of consumers for more than twenty years with fresh frozen foods. An international player in the food sector.

This rich story is proving successful. Firm roots in food processing provide us with the knowledge and experience we use daily to develop and market attractive product concepts.
We are a supplier of a wide range of deep-frozen foods to retailers at home and abroad.
We believe in the following core values: passion, innovation, no-nonsense and reliability.